customized databases

  • customized-database6


  • customized-database2


  • customizeddatabase1


  • customized-database3


  • customized-database5


Detailed satellite imagery

  • High resolution satellite photos (Standard 1 sq meter per pixel. More resolution can be installed if needed)
  • Elevation data up to DTED Level 2
  • Real areas like streets, houses or roads can be recognized

Scenario-based training

  • Ground reference maneuvers training
  • VFR maneuvers
  • Specific missions (SAR, HEMS,...)

Customized solution

  • Specific areas requested by the customer
  • Customized objects can be developed
  • Winter and summer conditions

Special effects

  • White-out / Green-out
  • Downwash
  • Waves
  • Sun reflection

Visit our showroom to test a customized high resolution database. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.