Billund Air Center (BAC) has chosen entrol to manufacture and install the H01 FNPT II simulator, based on the Bell 206 helicopter, at its training centre in Billund, Denmark.


The simulator, which is going to be installed in June, will enhance the helicopter training programs of the school.


Billund Air Center intends to improve its students training and offer a richer experience in their courses.


As Jakob Bjerre, Deputy Head of Training, explains: "We now have the possibility to make the training more affordable for the applicant because of the credit that the FNPT II Helicopter gives.

Also we can train a lot more effective and any place without having to worry about traffic and fitting into sequence on each departure/approach, which means more value for money time wise. We can train all emergencies in the simulator and those which are risky to perform in the actual aircraft, thus getting a higher quality of training on the type".



entrol H01 / Bell 206 FNPT II simulator



"The entrol H01 is the best product compared to its price. Highly detailed in construction of body and hardware, extremely detailed in the manufacturing of the specific elements of the cockpit such as radios, nav-aids, instrumentation, switches, lights...We had the opportunity to have a say in the cockpit design also, so that the cockpit will be almost 100% identical to the actual instrumentation of the helicopters we operate. The visual and sound of the entrol have high detail in graphics, realistic sounds and user friendly IOS Software. Worldwide updated database with our own requirements for special approaches and needs was a plus!".