entrol has installed for Avialsa the A12 simulator based on the Air Tractor, the first one

of this model to be certified as FTD Level 2.


This is an important fact for the company as it is the first FTD Level 2 simulator manufactured by entrol. It will be equipped with
a high resolution terrain database and capabilities to perform fire fighting mission training.


It is the first simulator of entrol to have these improvements. This is a clear evidence of the commitment of entrol to keep improving its mission

capacities for their FNPT and FTD simulators.



entrol A12 / Air Tractor FNPT II simulator



The A12 / Air Tractor FTD Level 2 will be the third entrol simulator installed in Spain together with the H11 / EC-135 FNPT II MCC of the Spanish

National Police and the A32 / Twin Jet Engine FNPT II MCC of Ibertour.