Reconfigurable FNPT II-MCC simulators

Our en-1000 and en-4000 are reconfigurable simulators as they replicate different aircraft in the same cockpit.

They are a flexible solution for many schools who need to cover from IR-SE to APS MCC without investing in several simulators.

EASA FNPT approved

The en-1000 is FNPT II certified, and it is an excellent tool for IR-SE, IR-ME, PBN and CPL.

The en-4000 is FNPT II MCC certified, and it covers everything from IR-SE to APS MCC. The en-4000's JET configuration stands out for its realism as it is very close to an A320.

Worldwide customers

We have 15 years experience and have installed and certified over 70 simulators in 20 different countries. 

Great schools like European Flyers (Spain), Turin Flying Institute (Italy), BATS Flying Academy (Malaysia) or Aviation Group (Ukraine) have trusted in our reconfigurable simulators for their pilot training...