Adventia purchase two simulators from Entrol

Adventia has acquired an en-1000 FNPT II and en-4000 FNPT II MCC

Both simulators will be installed in Salamanca, Spain

The en-1000 FNPT II is a SEP/MEP reconfigurable simulator with an exchangeable glass/analog cockpit.

The en-4000 FNPT II MCC is SEP/MEP/JET reconfigurable. The JET version is very close to an A320, featuring sidesticks for realistic APS MCC training. This unit also has a vibration system that enhances the realism of the simulation.

«At the Adventia Pilot School, we have more than 1,500 students trained at our Salamanca facilities during the last 40 years. As a Center Attached to the University of Salamanca, quality and excellence and constant innovation are the «brand of the house».

“For this reason, when we decided to expand the Simulator Center, we opted for Entrol, a leading Spanish company in the European market, to develop a simulator with the latest technology that includes movement, giving a realism in pilot training that few simulators can offer”.

“With these new simulators, we will offer new programs to future university generations of pilots, trusting that this training will become the benchmark in the sector», explains the Secretary-General, Fernando Gómez.