Airplane certified simulators.

Entrol is a manufacturer of airplane simulators since 2005. Our simulators are certified and used for MCC, PBN, CPL or Type Rating.

We develop everything with our in-house technology, which allow us to provide long-term support and meet regulatory requirements.


EASA FNPT and FTD certified

Entrol's airplane simulators are FNPT II-MCC approved for:
- IR / PBN

Our en-1000x and en-4000x reconfigurable simulators cover different models in the same cockpit, being a flexible solution for many flight schools. 

On the other hand, our specific FNPT and FTD simulators replicate one type of aircraft. These simulators allow providing additional training of that aircraft such as emergency procedures or type rating.


FAA AATD and FTD certified

Our fixed-wing simulators are compliant with FAA Part. 60. They can be approved from AATD up to FTD Level 6.


Worldwide customers

We have fifteen years of experience and over 70 simulators installed worldwide, all of them certified. This makes us one of the most trusted simulators manufacturers in the industry.

Having full control of our flight models and system simulation allows us to adapt to each CAA and customers' specific requirements.

Once each simulator is certified, we provide long-term support throughout the simulator lifetime. One example: our oldest simulator was installed in 2007 for the Spanish Police and still is up and running.