Alpha Aviation renews its trust in entrol

Entrol has sold an H19 FTD Level 5 simulator based on the AW 109 to Alpha Aviation, Japan’s number one flight training academy for the last 20 years.

The simulator will be equipped with the latest Entrol technology, including a cylindrical visual system, an enclosed IOS, and a debriefing station so that the instructors can record the activities in the simulator and analyze them later.

This simulator will also be equipped with a high-definition visual database covering the nearby area of Alpha Aviation training facilities and as other visual landmarks used for their helicopter training.

«We are proud Alpha Aviation has purchased us another simulator to join their fleet. After having certified the H05 by the Japanese CAA last March, we know this simulator will also improve the training Alpha Aviation gives their students», states Iñigo Hernández, Business Manager at Entrol.

Alpha Aviation Vice President Kenji Saito says, “We have decided to order the AW109 FTD device because Entrol is a reliable manufacturing company that responds accurately and quickly.”

This simulator will be installed in their base in Tokyo in the upcoming months.