Entrol's US Office in Miami

Entrol announces US office opening

Entrol, a manufacturer of FTD and AATD flight simulators, has announced the launch of their first US office in Miami, Florida, to support their growth in the American market.

Entrol aims to help American flight schools and operators improve their pilot training and optimize operational costs.

After installing FTD simulators for Kaman Aerospace, Conair and Sunny Aviation, opening a sales office in the USA was a natural step.

“We are very excited about this milestone,” said Luis Olarte, CEO of Entrol. “After 15 years of experience and over 70 simulators installed worldwide, our next challenge is the expansion in the US market”.

In addition to the sales office, Entrol will have a showroom in Denver in collaboration with Sunny Aviation. An H135 FTD Level 5 will be available for everyone looking forward to flying an Entrol simulator.