Entrol delivers a K-MAX FTD level 5 simulator to KAMAN AEROSPACE

Entrol has designed, manufactured and installed a K-MAX® FTD (Flight Training Device) Level 5 simulator to Kaman Aerospace, who resumed production of this medium-to-heavy lift helicopter in 2015.

The K-MAX® FTD Level 5 simulator has been installed at Kaman’s new helicopter customer service facility in Bloomfield, CT. It will be used for K-MAX® transition training, and will be incorporated into the K-MAX® initial and recurrent flight training syllabus. The FTD will allow pilots to practice normal and emergency procedures.

“As we continue to increase our fleet size, and expand the demand for training, the technology that Entrol has been able to incorporate into an FTD provides a complementary and effective tool for enriching our pilot training experience,” stated Darlene Smith, Vice President and General Manager of Kaman’s Air Vehicles Division.

“This simulator is a milestone in Entrol, as it is the first to be installed in the USA. We are very proud that Kaman Aerospace has chosen us to develop their K-MAX® FTD Level 5 simulator.” said Luis Olarte, CEO of Entrol.