Entrol en-4000x SN100 sold to CANAVIA, in the Canary Islands

Canavia has purchased the en-4000x FNPT II MCC sn100 simulator to Entrol

Entrol has sold a unit of its en-4000x FNPT II MCC simulator to Canavia, an aviation academy with more than fourteen years of experience located in the Canary Islands, Spain.

The en-4000x is a generic simulator that offers up to seven different configurations and has been acquired by the company in order to enhance its pilot training program.
This unit is equipped with a MEP G1000 and JET (based on the Airbus A320 aircraft) configurations, and a cylindrical visual system supported by the X-Plane 11 image database, allowing students to experience highly realistic training.

Its sale took place in December 2023 and was followed by factory acceptance testing in January.The unit was prefabricated, so it was ready for final factory testing in just one month after purchase and the The installation of the simulator at Canavia facilities was completed two weeks ago.

Iñigo Hernández Irizar, Business Manager of Entrol, states that «We are very proud of this project. We have been able to deliver a simulator only one month after the order, another proof of our manufacturing capability, also in fixed-wing».

Mario Pons, CEO and Head of Training of Canavia states “we have trusted Entrol for their great service and reliable team. This new simulator will allow us to duplicate instrumental training hours capacity and to increase continuous operation without interruptions, bringing Canavia’s total to 4 flight simulators, including an A320 simulator in South Tenerife and a B737 simulator in North Tenerife».