Entrol sells an A11 / B350GT FTD level 5 simulator

Entrol has sold an A11 / B350GT FTD Level 5 simulator to the Colombian Air Force

The B350GT is an aircraft used by the Colombian Air Force to conduct special operations such as aerial reconnaissance, aerial inspection, surveillance and aeromedical transportation.

This entrol simulator will allow them to train normal and emergency procedures, as well as risk assessment before training flights.

This sale has been successful thanks to the collaboration of CSA Group, entrol’s exclusive distributor for the Colombian Air Force.

“CSA Group is pleased to carry out this project, in collaboration with Entrol. The training of the pilots has always been our priority and now, with this device, the Colombian Air Force will be a reference for the military aviation training in the region” comments Maria Andrea Bueno, CSA Group’s Business Manager Development.