Entrol sells two simulators to Blue Team

Entrol sells two simulators to Blue Team, on the Canary Islands

Entrol has sold an en-1000x FNPT II and an A32 FNPT II MCC to Blue Team, a flight school located in Tenerife Sur International Airport, on the Canary Islands in Spain.

The en-1000x is an initial SEP and MEP training simulator, ready to give the students a quick transfer of knowledge when transitioning to the real aircraft.

It features a G1000 replica developed by Entrol, a cylindrical visual system and personalized scenarios so that Blue Team can give their students the best training possible.

The A32 is an APS MCC focused simulator that replicates an A320 to train students in line with the skills demands of airlines.

Entrol’s team will install both simulators in Blue Team’s headquarters in Tenerife Sur in the coming months.

Joseba Hernández, CEO and Founder of Blue Team: “We are proud of this agreement with Entrol that we have forged for a year, as it is a Spanish manufacturer that is an example in quality and R&D.

With the installation of the two simulators, we complete our growth program towards the ATO, and we become the most relevant FNPTII MCC simulator centre in the Canary Islands.”