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  • AW109_FNPT_II_MCC_FTD_Level_5-01






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Scenario-based training

  • Learn to recognize and respond to changing weather conditions in flight.
  • Identify and apply mitigation strategies for avoiding adverse weather.
  • Practice the transition to the use of flight instruments to reduce the risk of spatial disorientation.

Firefighting scenarios

  • Position fire fronts on the terrain and define parameters such us wind, propagation or intensity.
  • Effectuate drops to extinguish fire fronts and evaluate the area hit by the drops and the quantity of dropped water.
  • Fly to a source of water (Lake, sea,...) to pick up water and continue with the mission.

SAR & EMS scenarios

  • Position a person to be rescued on a ship or a mountain confined area.
  • Find the position of the person to be rescued.
  • Pick up the person to be rescued with a hoist using the pilot’s mirror.
  • Bring back the person to a hospital or an air base.

Offshore scenarios

  • Position a ship/oil rig on the water.
  • Approach, land and take off from the ship/oil rig.

External mirror

  • A mirror is installed to simulate the pilot`s mirror of the winch/hoist SAR mission scenario.

Additional screen on the IOS for mission monitoring

  • It provides an external point of view of the simulation.

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