Flyschool purchases an entrol A32 FNPT II MCC

Flyschool Air Academy, the Spanish school based in Madrid and Mallorca, has purchased an Entrol A32 FNPT II MCC simulator to add to its fleet and improve the training its pilots receive.

This unit joins the A32 FNPT II MCC they purchased in 2016, renewing their confidence in the product and the work done by Entrol.

The device purchased is based on the Airbus A320 and is equipped with a 200º x 40º projection system with HD projectors.

Nacho Navacerrada Blanco, Sales Director of Entrol, comments: «We are very proud that Flyschool trusts us again to buy a simulator. After seven years, their original simulator is working, and they want to increase its capabilities with a new unit. This fact speaks very well of our work as manufacturers and the quality of Flyschool’s teaching.»

Rafael Lopez, CEO of Flyschool’s training group, says, «Our training system and means must focus on the current and future market needs. Accordingly, we decided to expand the training capabilities based on Airbus A320. Entrol’s A32 FNPT II MCC simulator meets all the requirements for comprehensive airline pilot training, helping us to develop training based on academic excellence. Entrol has been a strategic partner for many years and will continue to be so in future projects.

This device is already installed in its new facilities at Cuatro Vientos airport in Madrid.