FTD certified simulators

Entrol is specialized in manufacturing FTD and FNPT simulators since 2005. We have an extensive portfolio of fixed-wing and helicopter simulators.

If you do not find the aircraft you are looking for, let us know it. We are equipped for any project that you propose to us.


EASA FTD Level 2 and 3 simulators

We manufacture and certify EASA FTD Level 2-3 simulators. Each FTD features a type-specific simulation.

They can be used for Type Rating and Instrument Rating Revalidation, as well as initial courses (MCC, CPL, IR).

Our FTD Level 2 simulators stand out for their quality, equipment and price.

As FTD simulators replicate in detail each aircraft, they are also a great tool for additional training (procedures, mission, LOFT).


FAA FTD Level 5 and 6 simulators

Our FTD simulators are compliant with FAA Part 60. We have certified our simulators in the USA and other countries that follow FAA regulation. 

We can develop from FAA FTD level 4 up to FTD level 7 simulators.



Our FTD simulators feature comprehensive equipment that includes a spherical visual, a vibration system or a high-resolution database with satellite imagery, all developed with entrol's in-house technology.