H12 - EASA FNPT II MCC / FAA FTD Level 5 simulator
AS365 Dauphin

Medium twin-engine engine helicopter

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EASA FNPT II MCC / FAA FTD Level 5 based on AS365 Dauphin

  • Glass cockpit
  • 3 axis AP with upper modes (Optional upgrade to 4 Axis AP)
  • CAD, VEMD and FLI
  • Radar: Wx and ARA
  • Offshore operation systems: Adelt, AHRS
  • FMS based on CDU UNS-1D
  • Flight tests performed by Entrol on AS365 to support the flight model
  • Optional vibration system

Entrol's latest technology

  • Control loading system with digital motors
  • Entrol's own sensing board technology
  • Entrol's designed panels with high-quality components
  • Studio-quality audio speakers
  • Entrol's IOS interface
  • Real flight tests

Visual system

  • Cylindrical dome display 200° x 40°
  • 3x full HD projectors
  • Worldwide terrain scenery
  • Customer-defined airport database

Navigation database covered by NAVBLUE

  • Global navigation aids, airways and enroute fixes coverag
  • Update of navigation database each 28 day AIRAC cycle

Enclosed instructor station with 2x touch screens

  • Dual 24" touch screens
  • Easy interface
  • Automatic QTG's
  • Optional debriefing station

Installation and room requirements

  • Cockpit equipped with wheels for easy transportation
  • Installation performed in one week by two Entrol's technicians
  • Send us the drawing of your room to confirm measurements



Certified simulator for official courses

  • IR, CPL, ATPL from Ab Initio
  • MCC
  • PBN and LPV

Operate your Dauphin AS365 fleet safely and efficiently

    • Helicopter's procedures, malfunctions and systems training
    • Competency-based training and assessments
    • Risk assessment prior training flights
    • Crew resource management

  • Better knowledge of helicopter's performance and limitations

Scenario based training for higher skilled crews

  • Combine real time events with complex emergency conditions
  • Specific operation scenarios (SAR, offshore, HEMS,...) to train real situations



Upgradeable solution

  • Additional features such as Spherical Visual or Vibration System
  • Upgradeable to EASA FTD Level 2-3 or FAA FTD Level 6-7

Turnkey solution

  • Shipping and installation
  • On-site instructors and technicians training
  • On-site assistance to the initial certification
  • 24 months warranty and remote maintenance
  • Computers rack, toolbox and spare parts kit
  • Printed documentation

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