HS Aviation purchases an entrol en-1000x FNPT II

The German HS Aviation, a feeder of the new Flight Training Center 22 GmbH, has purchased an en‐1000x FNPT II simulator to add it to their fleet.

The unit purchased features SEP Analog and MEP G1000 configurations to help the students with a better transition to the real aircraft.

As additional options, this new device will include the iPad with IOS remote control and ForeFlight integration and two Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) devices to protect the simulator in case of a power failure.

The device is expected to be installed in the upcoming months in their base in Worms, Germany.

H.J. Seibert, owner of multiple aviation training facilities in Germany and the USA: “Within our corporate network there is strong demand for a versatile and reliable simulator equipped with a G1000. To us the G1000 is a mission critical requirement, as our unique IFR training concept requires our students to receive an early introduction into the management of advanced avionics. They must acquire 100 hours of practical G1000 “glass cockpit”-experience during the course of our training concept, which is key to helping ensure their future success.

We conducted extensive market research and thorough testing of available products with a strong focus on the realistic functionalities of the G1000 suite and the respective autopilot systems.

After weighing all the facts, Entrol came out on top by a wide margin and we are convinced to have found the right partner, that shares our goal to provide the best possible training experience.”