The entrol H21 simulator, based on the Bell 412, has been certified as FNPT II MCC by

ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority).


Thanks to this entrol has expanded its portfolio of simulators by adding one of the most famous helicopters in the world.


The entrol H21, purchased by Heli Protection, recreates in detail the Bell 412 cockpit and flight behavior, one of the best selling helicopters and commonly

used for mission and transport operations.



entrol H21 / Bell 412 FNPT II simulator



As Luis Olarte, CEO of entrol, explains: "Due to the Bell 412 incorporation, entrol is one step forward as a company. This model of helicopter is one of the

most used in the world and we believe that it will be an efficient and useful training tool to all the companies that want to provide training to their Bell 412 pilots

and practice mission operations like SAR o HEMS”.