Corflight purchases an en-4000x FNPT II MCC from entrol

Corflight, a flight school from Cordoba, Spain, has purchased the last simulator developed by entrol: the new en-4000x FNPT II MCC.

The en-4000x can be easily reconfigured as SEP, MEP or JET, giving this simulator a versatility that is key for the flight schools, as they see how a single simulator can offer them a lot of different possibilities.

It is equipped with A320-based avionics and a G1000 replica, which makes the transition between the simulator and the real aircraft almost unnoticeable, improving this way the training quality of future pilots.

The change between SEP and MEP is just a click away, and the shift from any of these configurations to JET is easily done in just 5-10 minutes. This is one of the keys aspects of this revolutionary product.

en4000x FNPT II MCC AATD simulator