Ravenair has purchased an en-1000x simulator to Entrol

Entrol, the flight simulators leading manufacturer, announces the successful sale of its en-1000x unit to Ravenair Group, a diverse general and business aviation company based at John Lennon Airport, Liverpool.

The en-1000x SN125 simulator is based on a reconfigurable FNPT II generic fixed-wing platform tailored for initial flight training. Equipped with four from up to six different configurations — SEP Simple Analog, SEP Simple G1000, MEP Analog, and MEP G1000 — this model offers unparalleled flexibility to adapt to various training scenarios with a simple click of a button, thanks to its software-driven configuration changes.

One of the standout features of the en-1000x SN125 simulator is its advanced visual system, boasting a cylindrical display with a field of view of 200ºx40º. This immersive visual environment, coupled with a comprehensive database of 26 airports including Liverpool, Isle of Man, Oxford, Edinburgh, Exeter, and Manchester, ensures a realistic and engaging training experience for aspiring pilots.

In addition to its core functionalities, the simulator comes with a range of optional enhancements, including an iPad with iOS remote control and integrated ForeFlight & Garmin Pilot applications, a Debriefing Station for post-simulation analysis, and a Smoke Machine for enhanced training realism.

«Our simulator is designed to meet the demanding needs of flight training schools, offering unmatched versatility, realism, and ease of use», affirms Claudia Calleja, Business Manager in charge of the project.

The en-1000x SN125 simulator has already undergone Factory Acceptance Testing and is slated for installation, certification, and deployment at Ravenair’s training facilities in the coming weeks.