H01 - EASA FNPT II / FAA FTD Level 5 simulator
Bell 206

Single engine helicopter

  • Bell-206-FNPT-II-FTD-Level-5-simulator-01


  • Bell-206-FNPT-II-FTD-Level-5-simulator-02


  • Bell-206-FNPT-II-FTD-Level-5-simulator-03


  • Bell-206-FNPT-II-FTD-Level-5-simulator-04


  • Bell-206-FNPT-II-FTD-Level-5-simulator-05


  • Bell-206-FNPT-II-FTD-Level-5-simulator-06


  • Bell-206-FNPT-II-FTD-Level-5-simulator-07



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EASA FNPT II / FAA FTD Level 5 based on Bell 206

Different configurations available: B3 / L3 / L2 / L1

IFR configuration

Bendix King Silver Crown avionics

3 Axis Autopilot


Radio altimeter

Optional GTN 650/750

Flight tests performed by Entrol on Bell 206 to support the flight model

Entrol's designed panels with high-quality components

Global Navigation Database

Visual system

Cylindrical or spherical visual system

LED Screen

Mixed Reality

Customer-defined airport database

Enclosed instructor station

Dual 24" touch screens

Easy interface

Automatic QTG's  

Optional debriefing station and IOS remote control

Certified simulator

IR, CPL, ATPL from Ab Initio

PBN and LPV (If GTN is installed)

Initial and advanced training

Helicopter's procedures, malfunctions and systems training

Competency-based training

Risk assessment prior training flights

Customized solution

Additional features such as Spherical Visual, Vibration System, Formation Flying or VR Hoist Operator Trainer

Upgradeable to EASA FTD Level 2-3 or FAA FTD Level 6-7

Turnkey solution

Shipping and installation

Instructors and technicians training

Assistance to the initial certification

24 months warranty and remote maintenance

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