COPTERING has purchased an entrol H11/H135 FNPT II

Coptering has purchased to entrol a new H11 / H135 FNPT II MCC simulator, being the first flight school in Spain to have this simulator

It will be equipped with dual GTN 750, that will allow Coptering to offer a training adjusted to the current pilot needs, so they can learn to perform LPV & LNAV approaches.

It will also have an entrol vibration system that will improve the experience of being in the simulator by providing feedback of different flight conditions.

With this acquisition, Coptering will add to its current fleet a high-end simulator to provide an advance training in their CPL, ATPL, IR & MCC courses.

In words of Daniel Carrillo, CEO of the school, “We purchased the simulator to offer the best training quality for professional pilots all around the world”.

The installation will be at Coptering’s base located in Sabadell Airport, 15 minutes from Barcelona.

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