Aerial crane and firefighting helicopter

FAA and EASA approved Skycrane simulator

Train your S-64 pilots in our state-of-the-art certified simulator for proficiency checks,

specialized aerial work, and ultra realistic firefighting operations.

All backed by entrol’s long-term maintenance service.

entrol’s in-house technology

State-of-the-art Skycrane simulator

Actual Garmin equipment

Rear facing control station

Firefighting scenarios

Flight model validated through flight testing

Customer-defined airport database

From FNPT to FFS

Cockpit familiarization

Type rating

Proficiency checks

Mission (firefighting, cargo)

Additional training (systems, LOFT)



Vibration and motion system

Spherical visual

Mixed reality

IOS remote control


…and many more

Only solutions

Shipping and installation

Warranty period

Long-term support

Certification assistance

Simulator’s technicians training

FSTDO service

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