Entrol H39 FTD level 5 simulator installed in Japan

NAKANIHON AIR has taken delivery of the new H39 simulator based in the AW139 in their training facilities in Nagoya. This simulator, certified as FTD Level 5, is the first simulator that entrol has installed in the Asian country.

The H39 features a glass cockpit based on the Primus Epic System. It also possesses a 6-TV visual system where pilots can fly through the worldwide terrain scenery and the customized Japanese airport database included In the simulator.

The H39 is equipped with entrol’s latest technology, such as a control loading system with digital motors and entrol’s sensing board technology.
«NAKANIHON AIR has been one of the leaders of Air Ambulances sector for over 30 years. Last year, Intercraft was asked by NAKANIHON AIR to introduce flight training devices (FTD) for mechanics.”

“Unlike FTDs for pilot training, mechanic FTDs require mechanical replication, such as maintenance screens. Considering this, Entrol has proven to be a suitable provider since they have considered all these requirements. We believe this is a perfect match.» explains Akiko Suzuki, Intercraft’s manager.

Due to the Covid situation, this simulator has been remotely installed by Intercraft staff. This has been possible thanks to the straightforward installation of entrol simulators and the training given remotely to their support team.