Entrol installs an en-4000x in Chelm

Entrol delivers their first simulator in Poland

In cooperation with the Polish enterprise Parasnake, Entrol has delivered an en-4000x FNPT II MCC simulator to The State School of Higher Education in Chelm, Poland.

This simulator will enhance the students training in the State School of Higher Education by smoothing the transition to the real aircraft, increasing the number of training hours made and reducing the ecologic footprint of the training process.

‘’State School of Higher Education is one of the best facilities in Poland, responsible for pilot training. We are proud and confident that the en-4000x FNPT II MCC simulator will make a difference in students training by making it more professional and realisctic’’Says Piotr Podlipalin, Product Manager from Parasnake.

This en-4000x will be the first Entrol simulator in Poland, adding the country to our list of customers.