Launch of virtual reality solution

Entrol launches a brand new VR solution simulsar

SAR missions are one of the most demanding operations in the industry. It is a complex and rough environment where all the crew members must communicate and coordinate effectively and without hesitation.

Training devices such as helicopter simulators have always been there to increase safety. However, all this training was done separately: pilots went to the FTD simulator, hoist operators trained in a specific hoist trainer…

As a result, crew members could not practice a critical point in every mission: communication.

This is possible now with our new Virtual Reality trainer: SIMULSAR.

With SIMULSAR, you will have different crew members training in the same environment, communicating between them to practice emergency procedures, phraseology and more.

SIMULSAR can be installed as a stand-alone solution or as an upgrade to your Entrol Helicopter simulator.

Entrol is constantly working with the most advanced technology on the market to keep developing new training solutions to improve the security of the aviation section.

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