Entrol Zero campaign

Entrol moves forward with entrolZERO

Entrol moves forward with the environmental improvement project entrolZERO

In entrol, we have made a serious commitment to sustainability by reducing the CO2 emissions of our actions, and we have set the goal of 0 emissions by 2025, contributing to the worldwide objectives for environmentally sustainable development.

¿How are we going to reach 0 emissions?

We will generate the energy we consume

In the first phase, we have been able to generate 45% of the electricity consumed by Entrol thanks to our photovoltaic plaques. And today, we are beginning the second phase, where we will extend the electricity-generating surface to produce 100% of the energy required for our development.

Electric vehicles

We have acquired electric vehicles and installed charging points for company displacements with the aim of improving our mobility and respecting the environment more.

Improving processes

We have improved the processes company-wide by creating an integrated system to reduce the environmental impact.

ISO 14001 certificate

This internationally recognized certificate proves that we have been able to create an integrated system that allows us to manage and improve the environmental impact of the company, including carbon emissions, waste and energetic consumption, among others.
This certificate also assures legal compliance in environmental affairs, employees’ commitment, processes being made in Entrol, and the final product and extra services offered.
Jéssica Armenteros, HQSE Manager in Entrol: “achieving this certificate is important for customers, providers, and employees because it strengthens the feeling of belonging. We are all on the same boat, rowing in the same direction to save the planet. We want to generate social impact.”

Most importantly, this is just the beginning of a new stage in which we expect other companies to follow, as we think that regarding sustainability, we must all stay united.