Entrol sells an en-4000 FNPT MCC simulator to Turin

Turin Flying Institute purchases an en-4000 FNPT II MCC simulator from entrol.

Entrol has sold an en-4000 FNPT II MCC simulator to Turin Flying Institute

The en-4000 is a SEP, MEP and JET reconfigurable simulator. The unit purchased by Turin Flying Institute will be equipped with a debriefing station and a smoke machine.

The JET configuration will also feature sidesticks for more realistic MCC training.

Fulvio Maria Patono, explains why they chose entrol: “In the field of generic FNPT II MCC simulators, the en-4000 stands out for its versatility in all configurations, from SEP to JET, to work constantly in a modern and realistic cockpit, equipped with all the most advanced avionics.”

This simulator will be the first en-4000 FNPT II MCC to be installed in Italy.