Flybychool orders an entrol en-4000 FNPT II MCC

FLYBYSCHOOL, commercial brand of FLYBAI SL and an internationally recognized flight
academy located in León (Spain), has purchased an en-4000 FNPT II MCC simulator

FLYBYSCHOOL is the launching customer of new Entrol´s en-4000 simulator. It features SEP, MEP and JET configurations so flight schools can have a flexible training tool for their Ir, CPL, ATPL, MCC and JOT courses.

The simulator´s SEP and MEP configurations are equipped with dual GTN 650 and they can be switched between glass and analog cockpit.

The JET configuration is very close to an A320 as it features the same software of Entrol´s A32 simulator. It has dual MCDU, complex overhead,

ECAM, throttle quadrant with trim wheels and optional sidesticks.

Mr. Alex Álvarez, FLYBYSCHOOL´s CEO, explains why they have chosen Entrol´s en-4000 FNPT II simulator: » We selected the en-4000 for

its great technical features that will allow us to offer our students greater quality training. Not to forget also the strong understanding they showed

of the needs of a flight school like ours.»

«Entrol´s strong experience and technical background has been decisive in our decision to by the en-4000 from them and we are delighted to be

the launching customer».

The en-4000 is expected to be instaled at FLYBYSCHOOL´s premises in 2018.