Helicentre aviation purchases entrol H19 / AW109 SP FNPT MCC

Helicentre Aviation Purchases Entrol H19/AW109 SP FNPT II MCC

Helicentre Aviation Academy, the UK’s leading provider of professional helicopter pilot training, has become Entrol’s first UK customer, signing a purchase order for an H19 / AW109 SP FNPT II MCC simulator.

Early last year, following twenty successful years specialising in “ab-initio to professional pilot” training, Helicentre Aviation obtained CAA approval for the Multi-Engine Instrument Rating alongside the purchase of its first Leonardo AW109. Less than a year later, demand is growing as graduates of the Academy’s IR courses are successfully gaining employment into multi-crew roles. This provides newly qualified pilots with career pathways straight out of training, predominantly into the offshore sector.

The addition of this simulator enhances training capabilities, providing students with a more seamless transition to the aircraft, and allowing the ATO to expand into the delivery of additional courses such as MCC. “We are committed to investing in innovation and technology so we can continue to offer the best and most up to date simulation experience to our trainee helicopter pilots” comments Sarah Bowen, Helicentre Aviation’s Head of Training and Director of Business Development.

To further enhance the training experience, the simulator has been ordered with additional features including a vibration system, instructor debriefing station, cylindrical visual system with an extended vertical field of view, and IOS remote control. The purchase represents a key milestone for Entrol, as their first simulator to be installed and certified in the United Kingdom.