Spanish police updates their H11 / H135 FNPT II MCC

The Spanish Police has updated their H11 / H135 FNPT II MCC installed by Entrol on the year 2008 for a last generation FTD Level 2.

In this H11 / H135 FTD Level 2 simulator will be included our high-resolution database, our FLIR based Long-range infrared camera, Vibration System and a Spherical Visual System with a field of view of 200º x 70º and six top-quality Full HD projectors.

“This project is an important achievement for us, as we can see how the confidence in FTD devices increases due to their high quality. We also want to thank the Spanish Police for their trust in our products. They keep on trusting us for their simulator solutions after 14 years of cooperation.” states Nacho Navacerrada, Sales Director in Entrol Simulators.

This simulator joins the long list of Entrol simulators installed in Spain.